Beets, Bloodies, And Biscuits, Oh My!

You may remember us introducing you to our vibrant bar manager at Scrub Island Resort, Christian MacDonald (Call him Xtian!) who brought karaoke on Thursday nights to Tierra! Tierra!

Bloody Moody Mary Xtian is a true legend in the BVI. He’s a Canadian native and a 25-year hospitality veteran known throughout the BVI for his larger-than-life personality and huge local following. Guests from all over the BVI travel to see him and experience his over-the-top, yet downright-delicious cocktails!

The loaded with citrus-infused gin, fresh beetroot, orange, lemon, and tomato juices, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, sea salt & ground peppercorns and sriracha. This beauty is garnished with a homemade horseradish lemon chive biscuit. Oh my gosh, amazing!

Come try the drink everyone’s talking about for yourself and visit Xtian at Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina!