Blue Marlin Invitational

Marlin enthusiasts rejoice, the Blue Marlin Invitational is right around the corner. From September 2-5, fisherman from around the U.S., Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will come together to compete to catch the biggest marlin in the Caribbean waters. The Scrub Island Blue Marlin Invitational is a fisherman’s dream.

Hosted by Skip’s Tournaments and Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina, this tournament was created by Captain Skip Smith at the request of countless fisherman, captains and tournament teams. Scrub Island’s marina, the protected harbor and close proximity to the North Drop makes it the ideal place to house the ultimate BVI fishing tournament.

Relax in private island luxury before fishing the night away. Yes, I said night. The Scrub Island Blue Marlin Invitational will take advantage of the September full moon to lure the prize-winning Blue Marlin to the someone’s lucky vessel. You may be wondering why would you fish for Marlin in the dead of night. There are a few theories, a few agree which is the correct one. Some believe that the prized fish can better see the highlighted bait, light by the bright light of the full moon. Other’s believe that the full moon has a strong effect on the behavior of the marlin. Whatever the reason, there is a much better chance of getting a hot bite when la lune sits high in the sky.

During the day, explore Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina’s five-star resort amenities. Get those muscles ready for those longs nights of casting and reeling with the Sailor’s Massage at Ixora Spa. Soak up some rays on one of the three private beaches on the island. Nap in your own luxurious villa and private infinity pool. Fuel up for tournaments at one of the three restaurants or if you want to drink your lunch, there are plenty of watering holes to choose from.

Dubbed the “crème de la crème” of invitationals, this blue marlin paradise combined with the boutique luxury accommodations will sell out shortly; fill out an entry form here! Check out the rules, schedule and all the details for the Scrub Island Blue Marlin Invitational here!