Fly Like a Rock Star: Exclusive BVI Charter Flights to Scrub Island

Private air travel is usually something reserved for rappers or the denizens of Wall Street.  If you don’t drive a Lamborghini or purchase tailored suits on Savile Row, you might be a little over your head.  Well, no more!  The air service which is now being offered between San Juan, Puerto Rico and Beef Island, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands completely dispels the myth that this mode of travel is only accessible to the top one percent.

Fly The Whale, a private charter company that specializes in land and sea transfers throughout the Caribbean is now providing seamless connection between San Juan International Airport (SJU) and Beef Island Tortola (EIS). These flights will accommodate parties up to nine people on a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan complete with an executive, leather interior and a cruising speed of 165 mph. Here’s why you want to make this a part of your itinerary.

Power to the People: If your group has reserved multiple guest rooms, one of the spectacular villas at the resort or chartered a boat; you can comfortably seat your entire entourage in the lap of luxury.  Now’s the time to plan a [ ____*___ ] getaway.  *Insert one or more of the following – girls’, guys’, sailing, multigenerational family, in-laws’, outlaws’ or even “corporate,” if you must.

Personalized Service: The whole idea behind flying private is you get to leave when you want to, or at least, you’ll minimize those infuriating layovers.  Fly The Whale staff will meet your party at your arrival gate in San Juan, and then they’ll escort you to the Fixed Base Operator!  Arriving in the BVI is a breeze, as after clearing Customs, you’ll board Scrub Island’s complimentary shuttle to Trellis Bay.

Pack Like Royalty: Normally, you’re admonished to pack light when flying private, however, this particular aircraft has voluminous cargo capacity; so it’s okay to bring the roller bag!

The Ultimate in Romance: For special occasions, you can’t say “You are the wind beneath my wings,” better than chartering a plane for two.  The only danger here is you’ll have a hard time topping it next year!

Package a Flight with a Villa: Scrub Island features a collection of luxury villas with floor plans ranging from two- up to six-bedrooms.  Amenities include spacious living areas, gourmet kitchens, each room is its own master with ensuite bathrooms and, of course; gracious terraces with endless views of sparkling water and dramatic scenery.

How to Book:  Visit our Deals Page and use the promo code “YX1” to package your BVI adventure starting at just $1,599* per night, which includes a stay in a luxurious, private villa and roundtrip airfare between San Juan and Tortola. Guests who want to book a Fly The Whale flight separately can email the resort’s reservations desk at [email protected].

So, channel your inner-rock star and get hopping!  Fly The Whale is a seasonal perk and is only available now through April 30, 2020.  Your groupies will thank you.