Hobie Cats Rentals at Scrub Island

As if there wasn’t already enough ways to take advantage of the warm waters of the Caribbean at Scrub Island, we thought you could use one more. Hobie Cat rentals are now offered through Blue Rush Watersports for those wanting to explore during their BVI vacation. You may be asking what on earth is a Hobie Cat? This ironically named vessel is a single-sailed 14’ sailboat, seating up to two people. Hobie Cats combine the best of both worlds; simple enough for first-time sailors to test the waters and agile enough for experienced sailors to coast around the islands.


Scrub Island is a sailor’s dream. The westerly winds are ideal for filling sails, providing sailboats with enough push to make it around the island. The calm, clear waters within the protected coves allow you to relax and enjoy the journey.


Whether you are lone wolfing it or headed on a romantic trip for two, the Hobie Cat is perfect for a serene and quiet escape from the island. The view of Scrub Island from off the rocky coasts edge combined with the quiet splash of salt water against the boat’s edge is something worthwhile.  Enjoy an array of sea life that call the Caribbean waters home, like pufferfish, lobster, angel fish and porkfish. Whether you are sailing for thrills or serenity, both are possible via Hobie Cat.


Hobie Cats are $85 an hour, contact a resort concierge to book your exploration today!