The Six Best Spots for a Scrub Island Selfie

Fully extend your right arm, tilt your head a little to the left, make sure you have the perfect angle, and click. Vacation selfie complete!

Everyone laughs about it, but the selfie trend is on the rise and it doesn’t have any plans on taking a hike anytime soon. Maybe it is our need to take home a piece of our vacation, or maybe it is the sweet pleasure of making all of our friends sitting at their office cubicles back home extremely jealous. Either way, try googling ‘how to take a selfie’ and 86 million results show up. Whoa!

Perfecting the standard selfie is complicated enough, but taking a vacation selfie and making sure you include the entire background with your face in just one frame… Ha! Challenge accepted!

Luckily, vacationing in the British Virgin Islands at Scrub Island Resort, Spa & Marina makes taking a perfect selfie a breeze. There are plenty of picturesque backgrounds (gorgeous volcanic topography and mesmerizingly blue water), plus the resort offers great wi-fi for quick social media uploading and posting!

After visiting Scrub Island Resort, I put together my top picks for the best six spots where you can get the best #ScrubIslandSelfie.