Scrub Island Morning History Walks

Looking to hike the BVI during your stay? Look no further. Explore our 230 acre pristine private island and take in the breathtaking views as you learn the history of the BVI and Scrub Island. Every Sunday and Wednesday morning, resort guests are invited to gather at the Grand Pavilion to start the hour and a half trek across the mountainous terrain towards the top of Scrub Island, where a History Garden awaits atop Little Scrub. Soak up all the facts from trail guide Federico Campi, resort manager of Scrub Island.

Discovered in 200 A.D. by the indigenous Arawak peoples, the British Virgin Islands have had a colorful history. Discover what Christopher Columbus (you may have heard of him) named the islands after. Uncover the history of the Dutch pirate who became the first “patron” of Tortola and the lasting societal and economic impacts that the Dutch West India Company had on the islands. A plethora of wars were fought by a handful of countries for this slice of paradise in the Caribbean.

Then, you’ll find out how Scrub Island got its name and what pirates walked the same path as you. Discover the origin of the resort and how it came to be today.  One site you’re guaranteed to see continuously during your walk is jaw-dropping, panoramic views of the entire island and beyond. Guests who are feeling adventurous, are invited to proceed to the top of Big Scrub, which peaks 438 feet above sea level!

Insiders tip: Fuel up with a breakfast sandwich at the Gourmet Market & Café beforehand. Be sure to bring your camera, walking shoes and water –as flat land simply does not exist on this hike!